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I am Curious, Creative, & Confident.
I am a Collector,  a Communicator, & a Collaborator and I Can Be Counted On to Cultivate Solutions.


I once took a skills test. You've seen them. What are your top 5 strengths? I could then list them all out here and on my resume and you would know all you need to know about me. And it is true, you would know more than you do now but I didn't expect it to really express what makes me tick. But I was surprised so here I am in a nutshell.

I am a Philomath (I know, weird word.) Due to my love of learning people tend to say I am a very curious person.  Needless to say, I will always be the one to contribute with new knowledge to the team. I learn very fast and thrive in dynamically changing environments.

I am a Problem-solver (I know, everyone says that). However, most problems that occur are normally demotivating to the majority of people, but not for me. When something doesn't work the way it should, it gives me a chance to analyze symptoms of it, identify what's wrong, and find the solution.

I am a Strategist (I know, it would be a good strategy to include this). Have you heard about 'taking the helicopter view'? In my case, I am always on this helicopter! That's not even a skill, it's a special way of seeing things - a special perspective on the world at large, where everything is interconnected.

I am a Coach (I know, let's get in the sports analogy). As a result, I look for ways to facilitate other's learning processes - from challenging their thoughts in a discussion to creating environments that would facilitate the learning process. 

And lastly, I am a Deliverer (I know, they all say they "get it done" but I really do). My strong ethical principles do not let me simply allow me to use excuses and rationalizations for mistakes. It holds true no matter how small or large the issue is I am dealing with. My name and reputation depend on me being responsible for my commitments.

Well, that is me in a nutshell and is true of how I look at life in general. My hobbies are true to me. I love watching documentaries to learn about all types of people, I love to cross-stitch and create a color process. I also love to tell stories and had two included in an anthology at a museum.

Lastly, I will tell you the story of the gazelle in the picture above. My sixth-grade teacher, Miss Clark, brought that all the way from Africa for me at a time when my world felt very small. I have had it for more years than I will tell and it reminds me that the smallest acts of kindness can last a very long time.

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